Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ward 8's Weatherman!

Art of War Concept:  Know the ground, know the weather; your victory will then be total.

Were you glued to the TV all week listening to the weather newscasters trying to predict the snowfall totals? It seemed everyone had their own predictions. In addition to New Channel 4 and City Administration updates,  I know of a reliable source right here in Ward 8. Did you know Ward 8 has its own weatherman? His name is Commissioner Troy Prestwood!

Troy is Commissioner for 8A04, co-founder of the River East Emerging Leaders and Public Relations Chair for the Ward 8 Democrats. His background is journalism, but he also has a passion for the Weather.

He first became interested in this hobby while snowed-in at his Grandmother’s house during a snow
storm as a kid. To pass the time, he would watch the news trying to see when he would be able to go back outside to play with friends. This interest has grown where he has actually taken weather reporting classes with the Washington Post. He is now a local amateur weatherman who reports on Anacostia weather conditions to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

As you can see from the pics, he has own weather station in his condo. He as a remote sensor outside that reports to the station giving him regular updates. So if you want to get a really local weather prediction, be sure to reach out to Troy on twitter!

Troy, the Weatherman!
Weather updates from the Mayor

Monday, December 7, 2015

Turning Natural Opens in Anacostia!

Sunday was a great day for Ward 8. We celebrated the opening of Turning Natural, a juice bar on MLK Ave. In addition to juices and smoothies, they also serve salads, veggie patties and more.

What made the opening even more special is that the owner, Jerri Evans is actually from Anacostia. She grew up on the 16th and Good Hope Rd. The business was founded by her mom to help fight breast cancer by promoting a healthier lifestyle.

If you were not able to stop by for the grand opening, please make sure you stop by to support this new business. Trust me; you will be making more than one visit.

Location: 2025 Martin Luther King Jr., Ave SE

Grab and go juices if you are in a hurry

The menu

The menu cont..

Something for everyone!

Stewart Anderson stopped by to say hello!

Octavia Shaw and Son - Fairlawn Residents

Great customer service

Veggie and Spinach Patties

busy day...

Loyal following of customers!

Plenty of seating

The Proctor's stopped by to support a new business in their neighborhood

Open 7 Days a week

Come meet the owner Jerri Evans -- born in Anacostia

Monday, October 26, 2015

Anacostia Heritage Trail Launch!

Did you miss it? This weekend, the long awaited launch of the Anacostia Heritage Trail took place at The Big Chair! After nearly eight years of hard work and consistent dedication by residents the community came together to celebrate the history of the Greater Anacostia Community as we move forward to a positive future for this special neighborhood. I've blogged about of efforts in the past. Here are some pics to share from this weekend.

Photos Credit: Nancy Shia from the Washington Informer

That is me talking about Chuck Brown's Big Chair Performance

Wanda Lockridge was featured on one of the signs from the 1980 King Parade

DDOT Director...hoping they fund the Congress Heights and Ft. Stanton Trails

Eugene Kinlow, Philip Pannell, Arrington Dixon, Me, Art Slater

Teaching our kids the history of the community

The ever-present Ron Moten taking it in

Barry Farms Protesters! I'm sure they will be on the signs 20 years from now.

John Johnson performing his poem

I like that jacket Wanda Lockridge

Philip Pannell hyping the crowd

Former Anacostia residents

Arrington Dixon providing remarks

Sam Ford as MC

Audience Members

Councilmember May addressing the crowd


Grandpa and Son

Philip and Mayor Bowser

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ward 8 Matters

Ward 8 Matters is a call to action to raise the political and social profile of the Ward 8 Democrats. The "Ward 8 Matters" Slate are individuals who are willing to take on the leadership of the Ward 8 Democrats and engage Ward 8 voters in every aspect of our great Ward. We want the city to feel the impact and voice of Ward 8 and use our political power to ensure we get the resources needed to improve the quality of life in our communities.

So does Ward 8 Matter? Yes it does, and we need YOU to come vote for the "Ward 8 Matters" Slate. Help us take Ward 8 Politics to a new level so it powerfully impacts every resident in Ward 8. I invite you to attend theWard 8 Democrats Convention on Saturday September 19, 2015 and vote for a team of Ward 8 Residents who will work diligently to ensure Ward 8 Matters in all aspects of city politics.

When: Saturday September 19, 2015
Time: 12-2pm (You Can Vote and Leave)
Where: Thurgood Marshall Academy - 2427 MLK Ave SE
Charles Wilson       - President
Barbara Jones        - 1st Vice President
Leonard Watson     - 2nd Vice President
Darryl Ross             - Treasurer
Anthony L. Green   - Recording Secretary
Deloris Walker        - Corresponding Secretary

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pizza! Pizza!

Looking for a fresh slice of pizza? Now you can stop on Good Hope Rd at the new Little Caesar's Pizza that opened next to 7-11. I stopped in the other day to welcome the new franchise owner. Pizza's, buffalo wings and cheesy sticks are made in house and are ready for your to pick up. Back in the day you used to order made to order slices, but now you have to buy the whole pizza pie. You can get a pepperoni for under $7...not bad.

Be sure to stop by the ribbon cutting ceremony this Saturday.

WHAT:    Little Caesar’s Grand Opening
WHERE:  Little Caesar’s Pizza, Good Hope Rd., SE
WHEN:     12:00PM – 1:30 PM

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Anacostia Heritage Trail is Here!

Did you notice something different on Good Hope Rd. and MLK Ave? Next time you are driving or walking down the street look a little closer and you will notice the Anacostia Heritage Trail signs have been installed! 

Yup, it took us nearly 10 years, but we finally did it! It was an effort that began with the Anacostia Main Street organization and later picked up by the Historic Anacostia Block Association and the Anacostia Coordinating Council.

The signs look great! There are 20 signs installed that give a detailed history of the neighborhood. We are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony in July. If you are interested in helping join us on Thursday June 4th at 6:30pm at 1800 MLK Ave for the planning meeting. 

Congratulations to the Greater Anacostia Neighborhoods and all the people who helped with the process! Of course, a special thanks to Cultural Tourism DC for leading the way and staying the course to get this done!

Right outside of the Frederick Douglass Home

Did you know there used to be parades held in Uniontown (aka Historic Anacostia)?

Old Market Square (14th St)

Churches played an important role in the neighborhood

20 signs = about 2 miles long

History of Rose's Row. A row of homes on U St

Perfect placement. This sign at the 11th St bride speaks to
John Booths escape after the assassination of President Lincoln

My favorite sign. Gives you a look into the gateway into the neighborhood

Can't leave out the Big Chair