Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Ward 8 & Beyond

Hello World,
How many times have you said you would never do something, and  later actually end up doing it? Well, you can put me in that column. I’m about to embark on something I said I would never do…become a blogger.
I always thought bloggers were lazy community activist. After all, how can you improve your community by typing blog post? Well I was wrong. There are different ways to join in on the community building process. I have learned that by reading And Now, Anacostia and Congress Heights on the Rise.   These blogs have had an impact in improving the quality of life in Ward 8. So please help me welcome – THE ART OF WARd 8. I need you to bear with me as I find my voice in this blog. THE ART OF WARd 8 is my way of applying the strategic principles in the book the Art of War to everyday life, particularly in Ward 8.

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Wilson! This is nice~ tastefully constructed~ and not cluttered where I wanted to read the entire page. Now see, too many people say I need a Blog (cause I have too much to say); unfortunately I hadn't trained my discipline gene to learn how to build one, then plan how to maintain it using public relations, relavancy ect. Man I'm proud of ya! Good luck!