Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old Market House Square - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

ART of WAR Concept: Land where you and others can come and go is called a trafficked ground.

Great news for all you park lovers and dog owners!

Yesterday afternoon, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the completion of the Old Market House Square restoration effort was held in Historic Anacostia. A nice crowd attended the ceremony, which included St. Phillips Church members, Anacostia residents, politicians and other key stakeholders that helped make the new park a reality.

Many thanks to the St. Phillips Church, TKF Foundation, community members and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), who worked tirelessly for seven years to complete this project. 

As mentioned in And Now, Anacostia, Old Market House Square is the public space on 14th Street SE between U and V Streets, and was originally built as the central square and gathering space of the neighborhood. 

I am excited about the Park because the project committee understood that historic preservation is key to the revitalizing the neighborhood. The park was built in 1913, and the committee worked hard to retain some of its unique and historic characteristics.

This is an awesome effort to improve the quality of life in the Historic Anacostia neighborhood. Well-kept parks make neighborhoods feel safer, serve as a community gathering place and allows for residents the ability to enjoy the outdoors. 

I’m pretty sure the Historic Anacostia Block Association will host ice cream socials in the spring and summer of 2012. Now it’s going to be up to us residents to take care of this new park so we can all enjoy it for years to come!

This project shows us that you don’t have to bring in something new to see improvements in our neighborhood, sometimes it is just about improving what you already have.  Enjoy the pics below…

Public Service Announcement: Please curb your dog in the park.

Way back in 1913...

And now today...

For all you chess players out there

 Back in the olden days, the only way you found out
about community news was visiting the neighborhood square
to read community announcements placed in the marque.

Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Cotton enjoying the fall afternoon

 Seats for the kids...

Community members

ANC Commissioner Greta Fuller

Adrienne McCray, Ward 8 resident and Architect who helped design
the layout for the park.

This bench is made out of 200 year old pickle wood

Underneath the bench is a compartment that will house a journal for
park visitors to write down their thoughts...I thought that was pretty cool. Its
going to be interesting to read whats on folks minds.

Can't forget the kids...

And of course the ribbon cutting...

Ms. Frieda D. Murray never got to see the park become a reality, but
we all owe her a big THANK YOU for pushing the idea forward!
R.I.P. Ms. Murray.


  1. Would be nice to have something like that closer to me in Washington Highlands. We have Oxon Run Park, but I prefer something small like the Old Market House Square.

  2. I'm sure there are some diamonds in the rough in Washington Highlands. This was a community effort and the city just jumped in to help out. You just have to get the ball rolling and I'm sure you will get some help. Great to see you the other night!

  3. How nice! I remember my Great-Grandmother lived up the street from that park when I was just a little girl, we would stop there on our way to the GC Murphy or as she called it the 5 and Dime, on Good Hope Rd.