Thursday, February 2, 2012

11th Street Bridge Update: 13th Street Ramp to Remain Open!

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Hello Ward 8!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote blog post regarding the construction of the new 11th Street Bridge. In particular, I discussed Anacostia Resident's disappointment in learning that DDOT planned to close access to the 13th Street ramp prior to the opening of the new bridge. As a result, this would have added about 15 minutes to our daily commute just to leave the greater Anacostia neighborhoods.

Well today, I received some GREAT news. As a result of the community voicing our concern, DDOT has reconsidered their proposal. They will in keep the 13th Street Ramp open until the 11th Street Bridge is complete. Great work Everyone! I have included the official press release below.

Gray Administration Announces 13th Street SE Ramp to Close After New Local 11th Street Bridge Opens in Late Spring 

As part of the continuing efforts to expedite the 11th Street Bridge Project construction while minimizing impacts on residents and motorists, Mayor Vincent Gray and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Terry Bellamy announced today that the ramp from 13th Street, SE to the inbound freeway bridge will remain open until the new local bridge opens late this Spring.

“My Administration continues to successfully advance the 11th Street Bridge Project with as little impact on residents and motorists as possible,” said Mayor Gray. “I’m happy to announce that we’ve worked with contractors to have the 13th Street ramp close only after the new local 11th Street Bridge opens in late May/early June.”

The 11th Street Bridge Team considered closing the 13th Street ramp in March 2012 to more quickly build new ramps from southbound DC 295 to the new inbound 11th Street Freeway Bridge and from the new outbound 11th Street Freeway Bridge to northbound DC 295. 

Closing the ramp prior to opening the local bridge would reduce commuter traffic passing through local neighborhoods but would also cause local motorists to be detoured via Howard Road to northbound I-295 to cross the inbound 11th Street Freeway Bridge.  “As has been a hallmark of the 11th Street Bridge Project under the Gray Administration, we proactively communicated with residents and motorist as early as possible about the ramp closure but continued to consider additional options that would reduce the impact,” said Director Bellamy.

“As a result, this project continues to be a model for how major infrastructure projects in the District can be built in partnership with residents and other key stakeholders.”

The new ramps between the freeway bridges and DC 295 are scheduled to open by fall with additional new ramps between the local bridge and both directions of DC 295/I-295 opening later in 2012 and early in 2013.


  1. Great news indeed!

    Living in Fairlawn, I'd like to know from those of you who live in the historic section of Anacostia, what do you think of having all of 13th Street from W Street all the way down to Ridge Place convert to two way traffic? With no 13th Street Ramp once the local bridge is open, whats a reason to keep the 13th one way north as it is currently laid out?

  2. Hey Chris,
    I know this idea has been discussed in the past. Would you like to draft a Guest Post discussing this in more detail. Let me know your thoughts.