Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Will the 11th Street Bridge Open Tomorrow?

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Good Day Ward 8,
When you are on your way to work tomorrow you will probably notice some changes in your commute. Over the next six weeks, DDOT will open new ramps and close some that you have come accustomed to. This is all in part of the construction of the new 11th Street Bridge. This will affect both local Ward 8 and commuter traffic.
This unfinished portion will be for pedestrian use only. As you
see this can't be finished until the old bridge is demolished.
On or about May 23rd, DDOT will open the new 11th Street Bridge, while at the same time close the 13th Street ramp. As a result, if you live in the southern tip of the Ward, you will enter and leave the community using the new 11th Street Bridge.
Keep in mind that the 11th Street Bridge is not 100% complete. DDOT will have to demolish the old deck of the current 11th Street Bridge in an effort to complete the walking and bike lanes.
My guess is that the first couple of days will result in a traffic nightmare until folks get used to the traffic pattern. Will be interested in getting your feedback tomorrow.

With the opening of the 11th Street Bridge, we will come
and go using this route

Sorry, the 13th Street Ramp is now closed. I can't wait
till DDOT actually demolishes the ramp. I'm sure the Fairlawn
Residents would agree. I hope they convert this open space to a park

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