Sunday, January 5, 2014

Application Denied!

Art of War Concept: What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations

Here is some GOOD NEWS to begin the New Year.

Back in September, I notified the community that a local convenience store on Good Hope Rd was in the process of applying for a "Class A" liquor license. Of course, the community was opposed to the application due to there already being two existing liquor stores on Good Hope Rd AND this would make the second located within 500 feet of Ketcham Elementary School. Anyone in their right mind knows this would be a bad idea!

Thanks to letters written by residents in addition to the hard work by Advisory Neighborhood
Commission 8A, Ketcham Elementary School Administration and the 7D Police Department, the applicant decided to withdrawal their application. They knew due to the overwhelming community response they were going to lose!

A special thanks to many of the ANC 8A Commissioners for attending four hearings held during the work day to protest the license. I certainly hope the recent legislation introduced by Councilmember Marion Barry to place a moratorium on "Class A & B" liquor licenses in Ward 8 will prevent any of this madness from happening in the future.

The work of ANC is never done...on to the next challenge!

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