Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anacostia Heritage Trail - Delayed Again

Several years ago the greater Anacostia community began the exciting process to developing the Anacostia Heritage Trail. The trail is a program led by Cultural Tourism DC to highlight the history of DC neighborhoods. I am sure you seen the big signs posted on corners around the city. Well, Anacostia is next up to get our signs.

However, with the fluid circumstances of DC politics there is a chance the installation of our signs will be delayed. This is where we need your help. If you could simply copy and paste the below email to DDOT Director Bill Bellamy it would greatly appreciated. Director Bellamy is expected to resign from his post by the end of the month so it is important we make sure our Heritage Trail signs are on the top of his list for his final task.

We are hoping after the installation of the Anacostia trail, we can begin to get traction on starting the formulation of the Congress Heights Heritage Trail.

SEND TO: terry.bellamy@dc.gov

April 8, 2014

RE: Anacostia Heritage Trail

Mr. Bellamy,

My name is YOUR NAME and I am a resident of Anacostia. It's been over a year since Cultural Tourism DC - and the thirty-five members of the neighborhood working group -  completed work on the Anacostia Heritage Trail and turned it over to DDOT for fabrication and  installation.  Based on experience with previous Heritage Trails, it takes DDOT no more than five months to issue an RFP and to complete fabrication and installation of the signs.  And yet, in the full year that has elapsed since we turned this project over to you, not even the RFP has been issued.

We appreciate the work you have done for the city as Director of DDOT. We ask that before you leave your post please make the issuance of the RFP a top priority of your agency. We thank you for your time and attention.

 We look forward to the quick completion of our Heritage Trail.



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