Monday, July 7, 2014

Does DHCD Have a Plan? If so, what is it?

Art of War Concept: The general must be first int he toils and fatigues of the army. In the heat of summer he does not spread his parasol, nor in the cold of winter don think clothing... . He waits until the army's wells have been dug and only then drinks; until the army's food is cooked before he eats; until the army's fortifications have been completed, to shelter himself.  

Don’t know if you noticed, but the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is scooping up a bunch of property in Anacostia. It must be the end of the fiscal year and the government has money to spend.  I suppose the good thing about DHCD is that they will at least keep the grass cut. But the consistent problem is…

1 - do they have a plan on how they will get these properties back on the market for redevelopment?
2 - have they articulated this plan to the neighborhood?

They have owned several properties in the neighborhood for years and have done absolutely nothing with
them. I have a blighted house on my block with a posted DHCD sign that my neighbors tell me has been that way for 20 years. How about we inquire? If you are concerned as I am please copy, paste and send the following email to DHCD.
Email To:  or call (202)442-7169 

Dear Ms. Johnson,

My name is INSERT YOUR NAME. I am an involved and concerned resident of Historic Anacostia. I noticed that DHCD has recently acquired several properties in the neighborhood. My neighbors and I would like to know the agency’s redevelopment plan for these properties along with a time lime of execution. We also would like to invite you to our next Historic Anacostia Block Association meeting in September. Please let me know your thoughts and availability.


1600 Block of U St - this is one my neighbors told me has been blighted for decades

The corner of 16th and W St SE

The corner of 15th and U St SE

Valley Place that has been blighted for several years

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