Sunday, August 6, 2017

Good Foods Market in Anacostia?

Art of War Concept: When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.

There is plenty of anticipation regarding the Anacostia Gateway redevelopment project. The community has been pushing for the right kind of development for years, and it seems like we are steps closer with this one. DHCD recently held a property surplus hearing and the Menkiti Group held a Q&A session regarding the vision for the site. A potential retailer is a small grocery store called, Good Foods Market. A grocery in downtown Anacostia is needed but it seemed no one knew who they were.

I stopped by their store on Rhode Island Ave NE last week to check it out to get an idea on what they were about. Walking away, I feel this is perfect fit for the site. It truly is a neighborhood grocer and fits within the small town feel of the Anacostia Historic District. I had a great conversation with the store operator to learn more about the Market. She informed me the Market is a mission driven grocery dedicated to developing retail solutions that work in, and for, food desert communities. They are not there to replace the Safeway or Giant, but more of a spot were you can run in grab milk and bread and run out.

Check out some of the pics below. Would love to get your thoughts.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

They carry both name brand and organic items. So you have your choice...

Potatoes and Watermelon

Fruit and salad to go...

Garlic, onions and even avocados

All your dairy products...

Cereal - Name Brand and Organic

Your choice of fresh eggs

They even carry your standard household items

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