Monday, March 12, 2012

Anacostia Pedestrian Bridge Conceptual Idea

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My good blogger friend, “And Now, Anacostia” did a blog post on the idea of a bridge that would be used for strictly pedestrian use It seems like the idea is not that far-fetched. As you should know, the new 11th Street Bridge will be completed this summer. The assumption was that after the bridge was completed the older bridges would be torn down since there will be no need to drive across them.

Well an idea has surfaced to keep the older, existing 11th Street Bridge to serve as an additional connector across the Anacostia River. The unique difference is that instead of driving across the bridge, it will be used as a recreational space for pedestrian use only and we will use it to walk across the river. The concept is still on the drawing board but it set to include intense recreational activities such as rock walls, zip lines, canoe launches, paddle boats parks, bike trails, walking trails and recreational courts.

When I first heard of the idea I was not a supporter, but after more thought I think it is a great idea. Just imagine being able to sit in the park overlooking the Anacostia River from the bridge, or shooting hoops and  playing tennis as the traffic goes by on the new bridges.

There should be some community meetings sometime this spring to provide more details. Currently, the idea is in a conceptual stage. My understanding is that the District will have to raise private dollars to make this a reality.

I wish I could share more of the concept drawings, but the DDOT and the Office of Planning representatives want community input before sharing any more pics. So if you love the idea or think it’s a waste, please be sure to participate in the meeting conversations. CLICK HERE to visit of the OP website to learn more. Stay tuned....

This is a concept drawing provided by the DC OP on what the existing bridge could
become. You can see the possible streetcar on the new 11th St Bridge.
The old bridge would connect to the new bridge.

This is a view from Poplar Point. Again, just a concept. There
will be a need from community input.

This is a view of Poplar Point standing on the bridge

A view of the Navy Yard while standing on the bridge

A view from Anacostia Park


  1. wow, anything is an improvement, but that is pretty amazing.

  2. The concept is a phenomenal idea. It will promote Fair Lawn and Anacostia, its residents and businesses and serve as a symbolic entrance into our communities.

  3. The 'old bridge' is just that an old bridge that been patched and refreshed over its 40 or so years. It’s a deteriorating structure that's well past its prime. And the new bridge connections will use much if not most of the north and south approaches to the old bridge. Furthermore, the river is a natural resource that should be respected and cherished. It isn't very forgiving to those who don't respect its power (drowning victims) and it doesn't forget very well either (toxic contamination of the river bed). Like balloons, everybody likes colorful, bouncing, bobbing balloons. But when we are done with them, if not properly disposed of, they can end up in the mouths and bellies of birds, fish, and other creatures with dire consequences. I believe we are given dominion over the earth but we must be good stewards of the earth.