Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Before & After Pics - Haunted House

ART of WAR Concept: As water has no constant form, there are in war no constant conditions.

The other day I came across some olds pics of a house in Historic Anacostia on the blog And, Now Anacostia. As you can tell this house contributed to some serious blight in the community.

The previous owner had lived in the house for over 40 years and was a very good neighbor. Unfortunately, unbeknowst to neighbors, he became a hoarder; so much so that once the house was sold, it took the contractor about 30 days just to clean out all the collected items.

The house was in such bad shape that it actually began to lean to the side. I'm sure some would say that it was so ugly that it would be best just to tear it down. If you agree, your opinion might change after seeing the updated photos after the house was renovated.


Kinda looks like a haunted house! Can you imagine what
this did to property values on this street?

It was in such bad shape, it had no porch to stand on...you had
to walk the plank to go into the house.

Are you saying wow yet?

Everyone on the block loved this renovation + an increase
in everyone's property value.



  1. nice keep em coming. that is great.

  2. It looks fantastic! Would this, could this, be considered 'gentrification'?

  3. Hey Graylin,

    I would say it is a result of gentrification.

  4. That's what I love to see!

    Darrin Davis, Owner
    Anacostia River Realty

  5. the before and after of my 90 year old clawfoot tub looks just about as scary. the inside renovations must be fascinating. being in that process now with mine is no small matter.