Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fort Stanton Recreation Center!

Art of War Concept: All armies prefer high ground to low and sunny places to dark.

We all know that Ward 8 includes more neighborhoods than just Anacostia and Congress Heights, right?? Have you heard of a neighborhood called Fort Stanton? Fort Stanton is probably the smallest designated neighborhood in Ward 8. It sits in between Hillsdale and Washington Highlands and is right around the corner for the Anacostia Community Museum off of Morris Rd.

This past weekend, Ft. Stanton finally got its new and improved recreation center it has been clamoring for. The facility kept the same pool, but it got new basketball courts, softball field and indoor facility. It may have been another hot and humid day, but residents of the community did not mind a little heat to celebrate the opening of the new center! See below for some pics.
 Director of DPW and ANC Commissioner Anthony Lorenzo giving remarks

 Brand-Spankin New!

The neighborhood celebrating the day! 

Nothing happens by accident when it comes to neighborhood improvement. Big Shout-Out
to Ms. Addie Cooke -- 40 year resident of Fort Stanton. She fought years to make this a reality! 

New basketball courts 

Indoor basketball and volleyball court 

Ms. Barbara Jones, always making things happen in Fort Stanton 

Youth Room...

Senior Lounge that will be renamed the Addie Cooke Senior Lounge

Game Room = Pool Table, Foosball Table!

Computer Room

The Arts...

Fitness Center!

And of course, the Ft Stanton Softball Field!

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