Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

Art of War Concept: Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

So what is going on at the old Anacostia Warehouse Supermarket Building? I did some ANC research and found out one of the proposed tenants once construction is complete is a 7-11 convenience store. Now before you get all bent-out-of-shape because I know we all wanted a Whole Foods or Trader Joes, we need to be aware of reality that the Anacostia community currently cannot economically support those establishments. Let us be excited that we are taking baby steps. I personally think a 7-11 option is good for a couple reasons.

1.       We live in a food desert. Unless you live near the Safeway or Giant on Alabama Ave, SE you have to drive to get any fresh food products. A 7-11 at this location on Good Hope Rd would add a lot of convenience to residents in the Anacostia Community. Let’s not forget how folks were willing to shop at the Anacostia Warehouse instead of Yes! Organic just because of the location.  And now 7-11 actually sells fresh salads and sandwiches!

2.       The owner of the building is going to add some large glass windows to the side of the building to create a sense of openness.. This will add a beatification spark that is well needed on Good Hope Rd.

3.       7-11 does a lot of good in the community it serves. The company sponsors several school and community programs that help advance its mission in promoting safety, education, health & wellness and community revitalization -- with a focus on youth programs.

But here is the kicker. I spoke with the proposed franchise owners and they are a little hesitant to move to Anacostia…and I am sure you know the reason why…CRIME. We have heard it before that a reputable business is cautious about coming  East of the River because of reputation. So we need your help by sending a support email to the franchise owners encouraging them to come to Anacostia. If we can show that we can attract a national franchise maybe others will soon follow.

Simply copy and paste the email below and send to the following:
Sembe.Cole@7-11.com; David.Carples@7-11.com; Armand.Keurian@7-11.com

Subject: Welcome to Anacostia

Dear 7-11,

My name is (state your name) and I live in the Anacostia Community. I recently learned the exciting news that you are opening a 7-11 in our neighborhood. Your move to Good Hope Rd is a huge win for the neighborhood and will be well-received by the residents.  7-11 will add shopping convenience that we all want and deserve. Additionally, we support management's initiative to employ local residents to work at this location.

Please let me know what we can do as a community to support your move to the neighborhood.

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11,


Large class windows on the side of the building will be
sure to add some vibrancy to the block.

 I had no idea 7-11 now carries fresh fruit and sandwiches

Pizza and hot dogs

 Milk and Juice

Bread, sugar, flour...they got the essentials.

The candy isle was always my favorite as a kid...

Who wants to be able to walk down the street
for a slurpee on DC Hot Summer Days?
Don't Forget to Send Your Email!


  1. This is exciting news. Don't think we need another convenience store but 7-11 is a known brand that should bring quality products to the neighborhood. I alread like what they are doing with the buidling by adding windows. And who doesn't love slurpees!