Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Recreation in Ward 8 is a +

Art of War Concept: Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.

Recreation and recreation facilities play a big part in increasing the quality of life in Ward 8. If you have not kept up with DC political news, Councilmember Trayon White now has oversight of the Department of Parks and Recreation. This agency overseas all of the District recreation centers and parks. CM White has worked hard in securing more funding to build new recreation facilities in Ward 8. This is a big win for the community!

While many focus on the traditional brick and mortar recreation facilities, for this blog posted I want to focus on an additional option I call “Open Recreation.” When I first moved to the District, I lived in the Trinidad neighborhood in Ward 5. Down the street from my house was the Joseph Cole Recreation Center. The city tore down the outdated facility and built a newer one in a larger space in another part of the neighborhood.

In the old space, DPR built an open recreation space that did wonders for the neighborhood. It included a sports field, a toddler’s play ground and splash park, a pay area for older kids and a picnic area for families.

I think this would be a great option for the area behind Ketcham Elementary School. It would keep an
open green space, open to everyone in the community and add to vibrancy to the neighborhood.
Building a brick and mortar recreation center would also be an option but I think it should be built in a different location.

A better option for a recreation center is to build an all out sports, health and recreation facility at Q St SE. The space is large enough to build a multi-story facility that can include basketball and racquetball courts, a full service gym, a kids space, counseling centers, eateries, etc. I saw this type of facility at the Prince Georges County Sports and Learning Complex. This could be truly a signature center that could serve as a model for the rest of city. Q St SE would allow you the space to make it happen.

See pics below.

Open field for teenagers and adults = Football, soccer, etc.

Play area for toddlers

Picnic area for families

Splash Park for the kids

Walking area and great landscaping

More great landscaping and open space.
Play area for older kids

I would suggest a multi-story recreation facility be built at Q St SE. Its a much larger space with less restrictions. This would really be a signature building. 

I recently visited this center. It had everything you need and want in health and fitness activities.
There is a similar one in Prince Georges County. Everything from child care, gym, pool, basketball courts, family counseling and more. This would be perfect on Q St SE.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Anacostia Nip & Sip 2018

Art of War Concept: Make forays in fertile country in order to supply your army with food.

This past weekend included another successful Anacostia Nip & Sip event! This was the 4th annual Nip & Sip in the Anacostia Historic District. The event is pot luck event where neighbors open up their homes to host 1 of 4 dinner courses that include Appetizers, Soup & Salads, Dinner and Desserts. After spending an hour at a host home, neighbors move to the next house for the next dinner course. The event is always a lot of fun and is a great chance for residents to get to know their fellow neighors. Below are some pics from this years event.