Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anacostia Heritage Trail In the Making

Art of War Concept: We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.
Many like to talk about the future of Anacostia, but as a community we had an opportunity to step back in time and learn a little bit about our past. The Historic Anacostia Block Association and Anacostia Coordinating Council has partnered with Cultural Tourism DC in putting together the Anacostia Heritage Trail. As you may know, Cultural Tourism DC's Neighborhood Heritage Trails are the official walking trails of the District. The Trail allows the reader to take a stroll through DC history as they follow the self-guided walking trails to learn more about the surrounding neighborhood. Each trail sign combines stories, historic photos, and maps.

I’m sure you have seen the signs downtown, but it is exciting to learn that we are inching closer to making it a reality in Anacostia. The project has been several years in the making. This experience has been one of my favorites because it brings out many of the seniors in the community to talk about how the neighborhood was back in the olden days and allows the newer residents to gain an appreciation for the neighborhoods history. Enjoy some of the pics below…

Listening to the presentation from Cultural Tourism DC

Danae, the Anacostia dog walker and the Bacon family

Everyone taking a closer look

Learning something new everyday

Neighbors on W St and Scott Kratz from the11th Street Park Bridge Project.

We hope to have a sign placed at the foot of the new 11th Street Bridge.

Pics creating conversation

Robert checking out the pics

Ms. Diane Dale, Anacostia/Hillsdale Historian!

ANC Commissioner-Elect Kendall Graham

Melanie, Bruce and Jessica

ANC Commissioner Greta Fuller

This by far is the most interesting pic to me.
MLK Ave was once known at Nichols Ave; named after the former superintendent of St Elizabeth’s. This picture signifies the change in demographics in the greater Anacostia community. I wonder "IF" the demographics change again will there be an effort to rename MLK Ave to something else...hey, hey, calm down i’m just sayin.

Did you know that back in the day Anacostia had streetcars?

The pic in the far left is the old Uniontown Bar & Grill building

Back Then -- Capital Imports Cars...

Today -- Carryout :-(

Then - Clothing stores and a pharmacy on Good Hope Rd


Now -- looking forward to the future of Good Hope Rd

Then - looking down MLK/Nichols Ave. Once a bustling
commercial corridor

Today -- good things are coming

Are there babies in those strollers!?

This pic was a real eye-opener for some. Students at Anacostia High School.
Yes, at one time Anacostia was majority white.

This is the old Anacostia Firestation. It was torn down a couple years before
Anacostia was designated a historic district.

Today --Firestation. I wish they would have kept the old one.

Graduating class from St. Theresa's

Wow, Steve Wonder was in the Annual MLK Day Parade!

Another Wow, Muhammad Ali signing autographs on MLK Ave

Today -- I'll now look at this corner differently, knowing The Greatest of All Time
once stood here!

The old Carver Theatre. I hope this comes back one day!

Today -- Charter School

Students marching against the desegration of schools.
Yes, Anacostia has an ugly history of segration