About The ART of WARd 8

I came up with this blog title while sitting on a beach in the Grand Cayman Island for vacation. I was reading the Art of War and thought it would be cleaver to see if I could apply the principles of this book to everyday life in Ward 8. So hence you have “THE ART OF WARd 8.” Anyone who has lived in Ward 8 for any amount of time knows that Ward 8 has the most color, character and sound in the District. There are so many people doing great things, and not so great things, and I want to be able to highlight some of these.  The Art of War is a book about strategy and decision-making. Principles in this book can be applied to just about every aspect of life and I hope to be able to apply these principles to filter information to my blog readers.
The additional purpose of this blog is to get information out to my readers. I am a big proponent of encouraging residents to get involved in the life of your community...we can't just depend on the governement to do it for us. Hope you enjoy the ART OF WARd 8.