Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Broccoli Fest Comes to Congress Heights

Art of War Concept: Thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height. So much on the subject of energy. 
Did you by chance hear the loud concert music in the neighborhood this weekend? If so, it came from the Broccoli Fest. On Saturday, concert goers from the DMV verged onto the East Campus of St. Elizabeths for a full day live hip-hop concert. Yup, local artist from Just Blaze to Cam’Ron energized the crowd.  It actually felt a little bit like a Howard Homecoming event.

The Broccoli Fest is more than just music…it’s a cause that promotes health eating, environmental sustainability and the importance of building strong communities – sounds like a great fit for Ward 8. It was a positive event and took advantage of a great facility using the Pavilion. My hope is that one day we can move the Capital Jazz Fest to the St E’s campus or the Anacostia waterfront (hint, hint).

If you missed it hear are some photos below…

Had to been a couple thousand people in attendance

Great time in Congress Heights

The Concert stage...

It felt that Howard Homecoming in Congress Heights

All kinds of vendors

Show the tv commercials

More Vendors

More and more people

Need a bracelet or necklace?

If you paid a little extra you got to watch the concert from the top

Nice umbrellas

Good seats up top


Folks having a good time

There is the West Campus across the street

Party Over Here!

And a Party over There!

Don't come between a man and his broccoli!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Historic Anacostia Block Association Meeting - TONIGHT

Finally, it feels like the warm weather is here to stay. We'd like to encourage everyone to attend the HABA Meeting on this Thursday. As the neighborhood continues to evolve, our goal is to keep you informed and involved in the conversation. We got a solid agenda lined up that includes the following:
Crime: Public safety in our neighborhood is always a major concern. Commander Hoey will attend the meeting to give an update on how we all can work together to improve the quality of life in our community.

7-Eleven: There has been a lot of progress made at the old Anacostia Warehouse Supermarket. We hear 7-Eleven is schedule to open a new store facing Good Hope Road in June. Come get updates from the store representatives as well as updates on additional retail options at the location. We hear Little Caesar's may be coming as well.

Anacostia Business Improvement District (BID): Not sure if you are aware, but Anacostia has a new BID. Come hear what progress has been made to improve the retail prospects of Good Hope Rd and MLK Ave. We will also get an update on the Cedar Hill home development.

Anacostia River: The health of the Anacostia River is a reflection of the health of our community. Come learn about updates on cleaning up the River and how we can get involved.

Good Hope Laundromat & 16th Street Corner Store: We continue to hear complaints from residents regarding the unkempt appears of these two establishments in our neighborhood. We have invited DCRA to come talk about how we as a community can work with store owners to improve the services in our community. 

When: TONIGHT: Thursday April 10, 2014
Time: 7pm
Where: Anacostia UPO Center - 1649 Good Hope Rd., SE

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anacostia Heritage Trail - Delayed Again

Several years ago the greater Anacostia community began the exciting process to developing the Anacostia Heritage Trail. The trail is a program led by Cultural Tourism DC to highlight the history of DC neighborhoods. I am sure you seen the big signs posted on corners around the city. Well, Anacostia is next up to get our signs.

However, with the fluid circumstances of DC politics there is a chance the installation of our signs will be delayed. This is where we need your help. If you could simply copy and paste the below email to DDOT Director Bill Bellamy it would greatly appreciated. Director Bellamy is expected to resign from his post by the end of the month so it is important we make sure our Heritage Trail signs are on the top of his list for his final task.

We are hoping after the installation of the Anacostia trail, we can begin to get traction on starting the formulation of the Congress Heights Heritage Trail.


April 8, 2014

RE: Anacostia Heritage Trail

Mr. Bellamy,

My name is YOUR NAME and I am a resident of Anacostia. It's been over a year since Cultural Tourism DC - and the thirty-five members of the neighborhood working group -  completed work on the Anacostia Heritage Trail and turned it over to DDOT for fabrication and  installation.  Based on experience with previous Heritage Trails, it takes DDOT no more than five months to issue an RFP and to complete fabrication and installation of the signs.  And yet, in the full year that has elapsed since we turned this project over to you, not even the RFP has been issued.

We appreciate the work you have done for the city as Director of DDOT. We ask that before you leave your post please make the issuance of the RFP a top priority of your agency. We thank you for your time and attention.

 We look forward to the quick completion of our Heritage Trail.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Events @ TheARC this Summer!

June 23 to July 19, 2014
Interested in dance? Audition for The Washington Ballet @ THEARC’s Summer Dance Program! It’s a four week program and a total of 75 students will be accepted (25 students per level). There are three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Students age 7 and up are eligible for the program. Students must either audition for our program or have completed level 1A.

May 17-18, 2014
Set to the music of George Gershwin, Who Cares? captures the best of Broadway! The stage comes alive with balletic adaptations of Green Eggs & Ham and Aladdinalong with a sneak preview of Lucy Bowen McCauley's world premiere, Eight. Exuberant stories and ballet  for the whole family to enjoy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Whole Foods in Congress Heights

Art of War Concept: Those who use the military skillfully do not raise troops twice and do not provide food three times.

Last week I got an email about the Whole Foods Market coming to the Pavilion at the St. Elizabeths East Campus. When initially reading the email I was kinda of skeptical about the announcement. I was not sure what to expect. This past Saturday I visited the market and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised! Whole Foods actually set up a mini store where there were plenty of fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, shrimp and other items that you would normally find at their store. And as an added bonus, the prices were competitive with the Giant and Safeway food store. Whoever idea this was really needs a pat on the back!

If you missed this Saturday, don’t worry they will be back. Make sure you stop by every 1st Saturday of the month from 12-5pm. I included some photos below to give you an idea as to how awesome it was! 

Mayor Gray is hopeful they will set up shop permanently. Lets see...


All the veggies you need...

Green, green and more green!

Loads of veggies and fruits

You need it? They got it here!
Coconut Water anyone?

More and more fruit


Did someone say shrimp!

Chicken, Sausage and more...

Another happy customer!

Commissioner Fuller and Watson talking with the store owner

Ms. Carter from Bellevue stopped by to stock up the frig

Mr. Morgan and Ms. Lawson sharing a good laugh!

Neighborhood kids having a good time!

Any veggie burger fans out there?

12 Year Old Lady DJ...Awesome!

They even had smoothies!

Happy Customers...

The Banks family had a great time!