Monday, May 25, 2015

The Anacostia Heritage Trail is Here!

Did you notice something different on Good Hope Rd. and MLK Ave? Next time you are driving or walking down the street look a little closer and you will notice the Anacostia Heritage Trail signs have been installed! 

Yup, it took us nearly 10 years, but we finally did it! It was an effort that began with the Anacostia Main Street organization and later picked up by the Historic Anacostia Block Association and the Anacostia Coordinating Council.

The signs look great! There are 20 signs installed that give a detailed history of the neighborhood. We are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony in July. If you are interested in helping join us on Thursday June 4th at 6:30pm at 1800 MLK Ave for the planning meeting. 

Congratulations to the Greater Anacostia Neighborhoods and all the people who helped with the process! Of course, a special thanks to Cultural Tourism DC for leading the way and staying the course to get this done!

Right outside of the Frederick Douglass Home

Did you know there used to be parades held in Uniontown (aka Historic Anacostia)?

Old Market Square (14th St)

Churches played an important role in the neighborhood

20 signs = about 2 miles long

History of Rose's Row. A row of homes on U St

Perfect placement. This sign at the 11th St bride speaks to
John Booths escape after the assassination of President Lincoln

My favorite sign. Gives you a look into the gateway into the neighborhood

Can't leave out the Big Chair